Wholesale, Distribution and Logistics

The outlook for today’s wholesales, distributors and 3rd party logistics providers remains challenging. Many retailers find themselves confronted by unpredictable consumer spending and increasing competition. Wholesale distributors are leveraging emerging technologies and developing an integrated supply chain strategy in an effort to attain operational excellence and market differentiation.

Since this service sector is so closely tied to retail and ecommerce, wholesalers, distributors and 3rd party logistics companies are are undergoing massive disruption, requiring next level executive talent not readily available without our help. Changing consumer behavior, ecommerce, and retailers doubling down on private label requires different thinking and expert decision making on everything from merchandising and assortment to a new and different supply chain.

Advanced analytics, customer experience, margin improvement, M&A, omni-commerce, and technology and value chain disruption are all major issues and opportunities for this service sector.

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