Why Hunt Executive Search

A high level of personal service, a strong dedication to quality, and our value-add approach are the foundation of our firm. This is demonstrated in our unparalleled research capabilities and the timely manner in which we complete our assignments. Hunt Executive Search Consultants are conscientious, enthusiastic, and ready to surpass your expectations, guaranteeing successful search results.

Strong Collaboration Globally

We have one of the highest talent acquisition / researcher to partner ratios in the industry, with no geographic restrictions. Our expansive global network and our being a member of Hunt International with offices in principal business centers around globe, were routinely drawn upon to utilize all available sources, contacts and industry expertise. General Managers and functional vertical leaders are located locally and globally and our best in class global network is utilized with every search to leave no stone unturned.

Partners are in The Game

Most Partners and practice leaders at our large multi-national rivals relegate the sourcing, recruiting, connection and engagement with the market to lower level staff. We believe we will lose touch with the market if the Partner does not personally engage in search execution side by side with the talent acquisition and research associates each and every day. Were connected and engaged at every level.


Hunt Executive Search utilizes a proprietary technology that integrates project management and database functionality to ultimately support our search process. We employ best-of breed technologies, online tools and databases to further our ability to effectively provide our clients with top leadership.


Our eGPS is a proprietary SaaS platform we've developed to seamlessly integrate with our web based enterprise system to allow maximum client and candidate collaboration in the formal assessment involved in building an accurate performance profile for each search along with comprehensive assessment tools and process in aligning executive skill and will required for short and long term success on the job.

Unparalleled Talent Acquisition & Research

Our Talent Acquisition and Research departments conducts a thorough study and market analysis to identify individuals who are contributing to the success of target organizations. This is accomplished through in-depth direct sourcing of target companies, as well as, organizational charts/mapping of competitive companies. We dedicate a vast amount of resources to each assignment, and by approaching recruiting with a strategy going in, we ultimately succeed in changing minds and optimizing the decision process.

Minimal Blockage

It is industry standard to keep clients off-limits for all recruiting purposes. This client blockage philosophy has restricted many of our larger, rivals who represent 47% of the Fortune 500 from recruiting the right and best candidates for their ever growing client list. Our Partners are owner/operators of our global offices and have a personal stake in the outcome of each and every assignment, locally and globally, without the hierarchy and bureaucracy existing in other large firms means that we can recruit from a greater universe of talented candidates. Therefore, Hunt Executive Search presents a larger slate of qualified candidates in a shorter period of time.

Client Side 360 

At 15, 30 and 45 working days, we present our fully transparent Market Analysis Report to our clients. This unique and confidential report contains a brief, yet detailed, written summary of each individual we have contacted during the course of the search to date, as well as a detailed profile on each of the most qualified candidates. This valuable management tool serves as an analysis for:

  • The overall industry and marketplace as well as how the client’s organization is perceived.
  • The competitive landscape providing valuable information and perspectives.
  • A compensation study comparing expectations in the marketplace.
  • 24/7 Client Gateway with real time dashboard and candidate details for every search.

Two-Year Guarantee*

Our clients are served on a highly personal and professional basis. Above all, we will not sacrifice our quality, level of service, or commitment to our clients. We stand behind our work with a powerful, but remarkably simple guarantee. Should a candidate leave or be terminated within two years of the completion of the search, we will recruit another candidate for no additional professional service fee. Of course, as great as our guarantee is, it is very seldom used.

*The two-year guarantee is applicable to US assignments but varies across all other countries. A administrative fee to cover new and extraordinary expenses may apply. Please contact the local Hunt Executive Search office for details on specific engagements.

Boutique executive search services with best in class global network, contacts and market mastery.

Deeply connected and engaged personal service approach, long-term investment in client community and 25 year history of strong relations with both Multi-National leaders and Private Equity partners.