Executive Search

Energy, Oil And Gas

Energy, Oil & Gas companies need to address a number of issues such as regulation and government policies and sustainability concerns from investors and local communities, as well as environmental, health and safety issues. A heightened focus on sustainability is fueling the need for more proactive stakeholder management to mitigate the reputational risk and to ensure the future-proofing of the business.

Companies in these sectors must build digitization teams to optimize production efficiency with the help of digital technologies. This creates demand for chief information officers and chief technology officers, as well as chief information security officers whose mandate is to mitigate cyber-attack risks.

Creating a modern end-to-end supply chain organization is an increasingly important topic for senior management in oil and gas companies. Supply chain leaders must be able to quickly interpret vast amounts of data and make strategic decisions to keep the business competitive.

Our global team has boots on the ground in >30 countries and is comprised of industry veterans that are responsible for placing high profile Energy, Oil and Gas Executives and know the ins and outs of the industry at a granular level. We have the knowledge, experience and tools to identify and obtain results-driven talent to fill pivotal roles and drive success.

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