Schwan Foods names Greg Flack CEO

Schwan Foods names Greg Flack CEO

Schwan Foods names Greg Flack CEO


Greg Flack is the new chief executive officer, president and chief operating officer of the Schwan Food Co., the company said Monday.

Flack has worked for Schwan for more than 21 years and most recently was the company’s interim CEO and president.

Flack is a graduate of Granite Falls-Clarkfield High School.

Flack has also served as the company’s president of Schwan’s Global Consumer Brands and worked in other roles for the company.

Company spokesman and executive vice president Bill McCormack said Flack will start his new role July 1.

“He’s very experienced in the food industry,” McCormack said of Flack.

Flack also knows and understands the Schwan Food Co. including having served as senior vice president and general manager of Food Service, and executive vice president for product and market strategy, McCormack said.

Flack will lead a multi-billion company with about 22,000 employees worldwide and about 2,200 locally. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Marshall. McCormack said Flack has shown an ability to lead the company in the challenges of higher commodity prices, higher fuel prices and others facing the company today.

Flack’s skill was also cited by company chairman of the board Alfred Schwan in a Monday news release.

“He has shown tremendous passion, strong business (skills) and focused vision in his role as interim leader and has demonstrated the company’s culture and values for over 21 years,” Alfred Schwan said in the release.

Marshall Mayor Bob Byrnes said the company’s confidence in Flack to lead them in challenging economic times will directly “benefit the community, not only Marshall but the region and the entire state, (all) need to have successful.”

It’s always good to see an employee from within the company get chosen for the highest position, said Roger Madison, the president of Bremer Bank in Marshall.

Flack has demonstrated the skills needed for the position while he served as interim leader, Madison said.

“I expect he will integrate well into the position,” Madison said.

The company’s decision should also lessen some concerns and fears the public may have about its future, particularly in Marshall, McCormack and Byrnes said.

“I think it’s reassuring the new leader of Schwan is a long-tenured employee who is committed to see it grow,” McCormack said.

When asked by the Independent if the selection of Flack should reassure those who worry the company may relocate its corporate headquarters, “I think those people should be more reassured,” McCormack said.

The end of interim leadership and the start of permanent leadership should ease some worries, Byrnes said.

“Those questions about what might happen, and some concerns, might be alleviated,” Byrnes said.

Flack’s ties to the area “are a big plus for southwest Minnesota and the community of Marshall,” McCormack said.

“That will be of benefit to us as he makes decisions for the company, while he has to make good decisions for the company, having an understanding of the local community, the local pride (is a benefit),” Madison said of Flack’s ties to the region.

Flack understands the region, McCormack said.

While Flack’s ability to handle challenges was cited, the company also said he’s focused on growing the company.

“It offers a unique opportunity to confront the critical issues facing the food industry head-on, and drive growth and competitive advantage for the future,” Flack said in the release. “I look forward to leading the company and accelerating growth and financial performance...”

Flack is a member of the first leadership class in the Schwan’s University, corporate education and leadership training system, McCormack said.

Flack has enhanced his leadership skills and has progressively stepped up in his management positions within the company, McCormack said. Flack is an example of what the Schwan’s University system is designed to do for the company and its employees, McCormack said.

Byrnes said Flack is also a product of southwest Minnesota and is an example of a local success story. Flack is an example “that a good education and hard work pays off and results in success,” Byrnes said.

I think that brings a certain level of pride to all us,” Madison said.

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