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The Five Biggest Leadership Challenges
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Best Practices for Hiring Managers and Candidates


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Since 1988, the consultants of Hunt Executive Search have successfully demonstrated their ability to conduct executive search services unequaled by any other search firm serving the consumer goods, life science and diversified industrial industries. We understand the war for talent rages and the business community we serve is facing unprecedented challenges in attracting, retaining and developing senior management.
Our consultants are expert and well-trained professionals, with a wealth of experience conducting the most critical search assignments for demanding, sophisticated clients throughout the globe. We tend to form deep, long-lasting and meaningful client relationships; while we're capable of doing high volume, we don't treat search as a transaction.
The singular pursuit of creating exceptional long-term value for clients defines the culture of Hunt Executive Search. It's no surprise that our clients outperform their competitors by most financial and intrinsic measures. On average our publicly traded clients delivered compound annual returns to shareholders that exceed the S&P 500 by more than 15 percent and our private equity clients even higher. While we don't take credit for our clients success, were proud to make significant contributions through the leadership we install.
While the performance of functional vertical heads is less easily quantified than the CEO or GM searches we conduct, our principles for creating long-term value for clients are equally as critical in all of our work. To be true to these principles, we don't take shortcuts and were transparent in everything we do. Some important measures of our success include:
·         98% search completion rate vs. 60-70% amongst multi-national rivals.
·         81% search completion in <90 days and 42% in <60 days to offer and acceptance.
·         95% retention last 24 months, 83% retention for last three years of placed candidates.
·         Performance based fee schedule vs. industry standard calendar based invoicing.
·         Two year placement guarantee.
·         Limited "hands-off" issues, vs. large rivals representing 47% of the Fortune 500.
·        Committed to and invested in the issues and opportunities concerning our clients as the only executive search firm member, board and committee members and actively engaged through leadership and speaking at events including:
American Cleaning Institute                              Grocery Manufacturers Association
Consumer Electronics Association                      National Grocers Association
Consumer Healthcare Products Association          Personal Care Products Council
Consumer Specialty Products Association            Retail Industry Leaders Association
Food Marketing Institute                                  National Association of Chain Drug Stores
Select & Limited Number of Clients
Our partners are completely engaged in all critical elements of the search, and devote significant time and attention to each client relationship, and assignment. Because of our industry based practices and our specialized talent acquisition consultants in each functional vertical, were experts in our clients’ industries, competitors, cultures, and how to best create value for stakeholders and shareholders alike.

While well-supported by an experienced talent acquisition, research and administrative associates, our partners do not “sell” searches, and then leave inexperienced, junior staff to set strategy, assess candidates and counsel clients. Our partners do the heavy lifting alongside of our consultants and associates. Partners remain connected and engaged throughout the process until the search is successfully completed.
Based on a client's objectives, we determine the profile of skills, competencies and experience required for a position. We work discreetly and with the highest standards of integrity, extreme ethics and competence to identify and evaluate those “A Player” candidates best suited to address the client's business challenges.
Our executive search agreements are performance based and truly separates us from our competitors. Key performance milestones drive our process and the search agreements that govern the way we get compensated.
The bottom line is always determined by results. With our proven track record of success, market knowledge, expert people, systems and processes, combined with our comprehensive worldwide network, it is not surprising that our existing clients represents more than 85% of our business each year and continue to trust Hunt Executive Search to deliver and develop the best executives to run their businesses, a responsibility we take very seriously and work hard to meet with integrity and consistent results.